Mackenzie Callis

Mackenzie Callis

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(#11 is Mackenzie's Jersey number)


A little bit of info concerning Mackenzie’s accident and recovery so far...

He was wake boarding on Wednesday with his friend (who is like a brother) Liam on the Island when the accident occurred. Mac dove off the wake board into the water and hit his head at the bottom. He was unconscious and took in a lot of water. Liam floated him out of the water and proceeded to give him CPR. Liam saved Mackenzie’s life and will always be my hero! I can’t imagine what would have happened without Liam being there. The paramedics arrived quickly and Mac was airlifted to the Vancouver General Hospital. Which has the best Spinal Care Unit in Canada.

Mac has fractured his neck at C6 which was putting pressure on the spinal cord. He had very limited movement in his arms and wrists. He had tingling sensation in his fingers but was unable to move them. He has no feelings in his lower extremities.

Thursday was quite the day for me. A lot of information to absorb from the Spinal Unit. It was pretty scary information about his injury. I was operating on autopilot, and just seeing lips move and not fulling absorbing everything they were saying. I was very thankful that I had my sister in law Carrie and her husband Merril with me during these meetings. I don’t know what I would have done without their support, they have been amazing in helping me get to Vancouver so quickly and helping to set me up close to the Hospital. 2 more hero’s in my book!

Mackenzie had surgery at 1:00 pm on Thursday and was out and in the ICU by 6:30 pm. One of the doctor’s called and the news turned out to be better than we were expecting. Dr. Charles Fisher, another hero, was able to remove the fractured bone and put a cage in its place with a plate to hold it in place. The fracture was putting pressure on the spinal cord, the spinal cord was not severed, thank god! By removing the the fractured bone and putting the cage in its place, the cage will allow for new bone growth over time. At the beginning of my day here in Vancouver it didn’t start with good news but it ended with HOPE for Mac’s injury and recovering. I was unable to see Mac after the surgery which was probably best for Mackenzie to just get the rest he needed.

On Friday morning during a check up call, we received even more good news. Mac moved his fingers and was able to do bicep curls with both arms. He still had no feelings and movement in his lower extremities. I was able to see Mackenzie for the first time that afternoon and it was the hardest moment of my life seeing my son laying in the bed with all the machines and tubes. Due to Mackenzie swallowing a lot of water they are monitoring him very closely for pneumonia. He is having a hard time breathing therefore he has a breathing tube so is unable to speak with me. He did injury one of the carotid arteries in his neck and they are monitoring that very closely as well.

Mac is getting the best care in this hospital and has a team that is doing everything possible for him. I could not be happier with the care that he is receiving, they are unbelievable.

As of this morning, his motor functions are the same, still able to move fingers and arms but no function in the legs. He is scheduled for a CT Scan and MRI today so I am unable to see him until later because the nurses don’t want me to come and then they take him away for hours. I am only allowed to see him once during the day so when I come I can stay but not allowed to come and go.

Mackenie is responsive and is able to nod to answer the questions but very sedated so he is in and out of it. He really wants that tube out of his mouth and we are hoping that maybe by Monday that will be a possibility.

The best moment of my life was Mackenzie squeezing my hand. He doesn’t hold it long but that is good enough for me right now, I will take anything that is positive.

I will provide a further update once I have been with Mackenzie today.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone for your support! It means the world to Mackenzie and myself that we are surrounded by so many people that care and love us!

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